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Tutorial PS7: Stylish Glowy Textures

Tutorial PS7: Stylish Glowy Textures

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Smokey Liv
Make your very own glowy & stylish textures!


With experimentation can also produce these textures:

Step 1. Begin with a large new document. For the sake of this tutorial I filled mine with a black background but once you've gotten the hang of this you can try another color though I suggest darker colors.

Step 2. Create a new layer and make some lines. These can be done however you like- vertical or horizontal.

Step 3. Duplicate this layer and apply a Gaussian Blur (Filter} Blur} Gaussian Blur). Just enough to give a hazy edge (I used 2.0). Duplicate the blurred layer. Then merge down (Layer} Merge Down) so all three layers become one.

Step 4. Duplicate this layer and rotate this layer as you see fit. This is a good way to experiment with odd angles or simple rotate it 90 degrees.

Step 5. Now let's try adding some circles. Create a new layer and using your Elliptical Marquee tool select an area for your circle. Once you have it selected go to Edit} Stroke. A box will pop up then with settings options. I used Width: 2px Color: White Location: Outside Mode: Normal Transparency: 100%

Step 6. Once again we want to repeat the blurring steps we did for our lines in step 2 for our circle. Keep in mind you can also try a motion blur too for a similar but different effect.

Step 7. Again merge the circle's blurred layers into one. To add some flair to our texture let's duplicate the circle a few times and move them around the document.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I used this stock photo from getty images.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Resized and blurred.

Step 8. Next step you will need to find a stock photo to use. I suggest using a bright multi-colored one. I usually use photos of balloons, flowers or fruit as they tend to have the best coloration to use for this type of texture. Once you've found your stock photo open it up and resize it so that it will cover the entire document for your texture. Then you will need to apply a good blur to it. Drag this image and drop it onto your texture so that it is the top layer.

Step 9. Now you need to set the stock layer's blending mode. You can always experiment with different modes, but for this tutorial I used Multiply.

Step 10. Now all you need to do is cut it to whatever size you choose to be using. Obviously for icons you'll want 100x100 chunks. OR you can save it as is and do whatever you like. In the end I always merge my layers into one (or easier yet save it as a JPEG). As I suggest with every tutorial I do... experiment!!! Try using custom shapes (like I did for my star and butterfly ones). Try using different types of blurs and blending modes to get the effects in the other samples.

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