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MOTJ Icons

12 New LOST Icons

12 New LOST Icons

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Saw this great new promo poster for LOST's new season coming in October and felt like getting artsy with it. Decided to do a series. Made using two of my own textures, the Impact font and though you can't read them each one has a different quote from the character represented in the icon.

Thanks to Lost-Media as always for the promo.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us & (desaturated) & an as yet unreleased texture.

Please... if you like my icons and other goods or make your own... visit and join theiconcenter!!! We're a tiny comm for ALL icon stuff and we are always looking for new members of all levels of skill to be part of the group. theiconcenter's members and mods are very laid back and friendly to EVERYONE so please check us out! :D
  • You're right, that promo has been iconed to death but at least you did something original to it, and I must say these icons are looking fabulous. I love this style, and I may even check out your comm. Thanks.
    • Thanks very much for commenting and even more for looking at them considering how over iconed the promos have been. LOL :D
  • great idea! I am sort of mad I didn't think of it first, non the less I will be taking a few of my favorite charecters, and will be giving you much deserved credit, nice job!
    • Awww thanks darlin' sometimes a gal just needs to sit down and photoshop ya know? This just happened to be a convenient promo I had just picked up. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I make icons for my own pleasure but it's always more when folks like them. :D
  • Taken all the icons and will credit when using!

    • My thanks for visiting, commenting and crediting if ya use. Feel free to use them anywhere (my rules are really easy!).
  • Beautiful way of icon-ing the promo pic but no Henry?!
    • I know... I know... I didn't like how his photo on the promo was so small. It didn't give me the same single eye kinda effect opportunity and resizing it made it blurry. I was kinda going for the single eye thing as a quiet nod to how they do it in the show... ;) I hadn't intended to make them all in the exact same style but it just felt right when I did. :)
      • Yeah, his picture was too small. Oh well. I love all the icons anyway - with or without Henry!
  • Beatiful stuff. Not taking any but beautiful.
    • Thank you so much for the compliment/comment. It's always nice to hear them even if someone doesn't snag any. :D
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